From the beginning: How The Noticed Network began

"Wouldn't it be great if women could get noticed just for being themselves. Noticed for who they are not what they do necessarily, but who they really are."
This was the very first thought I had about what has become the simple and powerful initiative of The Noticed Network. This was my thought as I was putting my makeup on one Sunday morning in late March 2011.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Women Really are Complicated.

I have recently noticed that women really are complicated. I suppose I have not wanted this notion to be true in the past because complicated to me meant difficult, hard to deal with and stressful.  And although being complicated can lead to those things, it's actually more complex than that.  (Please note I said more complex not more complicated:) Being complicated is a result of being so full of life.  Being complicated is actually exciting, intriguing, and beautiful.  We are all our own tapestries of thoughts, feeling, words, actions, intentions, promises, desires, and sometimes even regrets. And as with all tapestries, what people look at when they see us greatly depends on how close they are to a particular part of the big picture.  Each woman that I have Noticed has had her own unique reaction.  And although I have never anticipated what a particular reaction will be, I have been surprised by my experiences.  Women who I see as beautiful have responded with shock and disbelief when I've told them so.  Women who always seem strong and in control have cried uncontrollably.  Women who I would have never expected to get excited about Noticing the women in their own lives have been so eager to do so.  What I have realized is that often even in a casual situation of Noticing some one, I touch her heart.  Taking the time to Notice something good about a woman and then taking the time to tell her what I've Noticed touches a place in her heart that seems often overlooked.  When a woman is Noticed for some good quality, let's say her beauty for example, she isn't  just hearing the compliment that comes with being Noticed.  She's not just hearing the words "Amy, I've noticed what a beautiful person you are on the inside and the out..."  Nope.  She's hearing that message as it relates to all the threads of her tapestry.   She hearing that as it relates to the conversation she had with her husband earlier, and a conversation she had with her girlfriends last week.  We are complicated, but I think it's wonderful.  We are complicated because we are so full of life, and this makes Noticing the women in our lives even more important.  Because with so much to take in and so much to process, with so many words to be said and so many words to be heard, it is so important that we share goodness with each other.  We need to be reminded that we are amazing just the way we are.  We need to be reminded over and over.  That's what I love about the Noticed Motif!  It reminds its recipient of the fact that in this complicated world that we live in she is amazing just for being herself!! 

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