From the beginning: How The Noticed Network began

"Wouldn't it be great if women could get noticed just for being themselves. Noticed for who they are not what they do necessarily, but who they really are."
This was the very first thought I had about what has become the simple and powerful initiative of The Noticed Network. This was my thought as I was putting my makeup on one Sunday morning in late March 2011.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tell your story

I have now had the privilege of noticing over 150 women.  Each woman I have noticed has her own unique story to tell.  We are adding a new section on our member log-in page that shares individual stories of noticing.  What a feel good read to hear about how the simple yet powerful act of sharing a compliment and giving a  tangible reminder of a Noticed Motif has made some one's world a little brighter.

My own story of Noticing comes with a surprising personal twist.  I made it my mission to Notice the hundreds of women in my life for whom I am so grateful.  What I didn't expect was that along the way I was going to be Noticed right back.  It sounds a bit like the balcony scene from Pretty Woman:)  Cheesy I know, but who doesn't love that part, and for those of you who have purchased Noticed Motifs and began Noticing women yourself I know you know what I mean.   I still have more women to Notice and more stories to tell, and I know this initiative will continue to be a blessing to all those involved.

So for those of you who have a story to tell of being Noticed or of Noticing please post it and we may be able to include it in the new section of our website.  And for those of you who are new to the Noticed initiative please visit our website to find out more about how you can be a part of this AMAZING ripple effect of goodness.

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