From the beginning: How The Noticed Network began

"Wouldn't it be great if women could get noticed just for being themselves. Noticed for who they are not what they do necessarily, but who they really are."
This was the very first thought I had about what has become the simple and powerful initiative of The Noticed Network. This was my thought as I was putting my makeup on one Sunday morning in late March 2011.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Here's to an Amazing 2012

As we begin a new year I, like so many of you, have been reflecting on the past year.  It's so hard for me to believe that this time last year "Noticed" and The Noticed Network was not even a figment of my imagination.  Part of me can't believe that it has been less than 6 months since we went live with The Noticed Network.  The other part of me can't hardly remember my life with out The Noticed Network being a part of it.  As many of you who know me well have heard me say,  I am in line with my universal purpose when I am Noticing the amazing women in my life.  As I reflect over the past 6 months I can see the faces of each of you that I have personally been privileged to Notice.  You are all such amazing women and I am so grateful for each one of you.  I am also so excited about the ripple effect of goodness that is possible with Noticed as it is moving across the country and even around the world.  Every time that The Noticed Network receives an order for Noticed Motifs whether from someone who has been noticed or from someone previously unknown to The Noticed Network the ripple has the potential to spread, and with that, the dream that every woman in the world will be Noticed becomes more real.

As I look forward to 2012, I do so with great anticipation.  There are still so many women that I can't wait to Notice personally.  And the timing of these encounters will be perfect.  I am certain of this because of my experiences with Noticing thus far.  So many of you have shared stories with me about how you were Noticed at just the right time in your life (i.e. on a particularly hard day or just as you really needed encouragement).  I am always prayerful before sharing with someone that I have Noticed her.  I am also keenly aware that The Noticed Network is in large part a mission.  God has blessed me and the women who have been touched by Noticed.  As you and I are a part of Noticed, God is a part of Noticed and therefore I have come to appreciate Devinne timing.  The women who will be Noticed in 2012 will be Noticed in that perfect timing and I just can't hardly wait for all that goodness to manifest itself! has evolved so much in just 6 months, and there are so many plans for the near future.  I can't wait to share it all with you!

So... I've noticed that being Noticed had such a positive impact on our lives in 2011.  I've noticed that being reminded that we are Noticed by catching a glimpse of our Motifs or hearing a reminder of just how amazing we are is a vital part of the gift that is Noticed.  And I've Noticed that this is only the beginning.  Every woman should experience the gift of being seen, of being heard, or being appreciated just for being her amazing self.  There are so many women to be Noticed!  Here's to 2012, may it be a year as amazing as you are!!!

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